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Ian Sidaway's Driving SchoolAbout me
Hi I'm Ian, I am a fully qualified Government Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and I am passionate about road safety. I became a driving instructor because I wanted a job with real satisfaction and there is nothing better than seeing someone pass their test first time. I was also always being told by friends and work colleagues that I was a calm and relaxed type of person and that I would make a great Driving Instructor.

  • Driving Instructor Training ORDIT
  • Fleet Driver Training
  • Taxi Driver Assessments
  • Learner driver training In school training theory and practical training age 14+ including road safety
  • Theory test training Hazard perception training
  • Practical skills for qualified drivers such as reversing and motorway driving
  • ECO-SAFE driving
  • Advanced driver training

I have been training in local schools for the last few years. Classroom training using the latest technology Power point Presentation which has been tailored to teach pupils 14 + the role of the driver instructor and what is required on the current tests. The presentation lasts around one hour We can also take pupils out in the driving school car, a couple at a time in the school grounds, such as a car park or old tennis court or waste ground. The driving school car is insured for pupils age 14 years + on private land with permission to use the land. We find this works very well for when they come of age for learning to drive.

ECO SAFE DRIVING Eco-safe driving is the catchphrase being promoted to motorists with the twin aims of improving road safety and saving the environment and, ultimately, saving motorists money. Put simply, the aim is to encourage motorists to anticipate what is ahead of them on the road and drive as smoothly as possible, avoiding harsh and aggressive acceleration and braking. It can certainly be argued that such behaviour should be common sense to all drivers – indeed it is the crux of the advanced driving test – but within a few minutes of taking to the road it is clear that eco-safe driving is not at the forefront of the minds of most people behind the wheel. But, if they realised that by adopting an eco-safe philosophy behind the wheel they would probably arrive at their destination quicker, complete the journey more safely and reduce motoring costs while also causing less pollution, maybe mindsets would change. Now efforts to accelerate eco-safe driving are being promoted by the Driving Standards Agency.

  • Eco Driving Course Content (typical)
  • Classroom presentation Eyesight & driving licence checks
  • Vehicle safety inspection Individual driver assessment & fuel measurement
  • Eco and Defensive Driving Coaching sessions
  • Final driver assessment & fuel measurement Report compilation and certification
  • Driver Benefits of Eco Driving Reduced fatigue & stress levels
  • Enhanced driver satisfaction
  • Greater understanding of vehicle characteristics
  • Greater understanding of vehicle development Lower personal risk levels
  • Personal monetary savings Ian Sidaway

Well I hope this gives you a brief Idea about me so please feel free to click here to "Contact me"